Call Him Swifty? Ames Woman Gives Birth Along Interstate 35 Near Ankeny

Jarret Steven Hovick made it as far as the First Street interchange, but couldn't wait any longer.

One new addition to this world just couldn't wait until the hospital to join his parents.

Jarret Steven Hovick was born Saturday night, early and on the side of Interstate 35 in Ankeny, according to a story by KCCI-TV. His mother’s labor lasted just two hours from beginning to end.

Dad Steven Hovick sped out of Ames, where he and wife Rebecca live, down Interstate 35 in a metaphorical race with his son, the article said. Rebecca told the television station she felt the contractions really speed up just as they were barreling past exit 102 near Huxley.

“And then I could feel the baby just start to push out. I am like, “He is coming, he's coming and I need to push,” Rebecca said.

On the First Street exit ramp to Ankeny, Steven delivered his son. Jarret Steven made it before police, paramedics and the hospital.

Both mom and baby were taken to Methodist Medical Center in Des Moines for treatment, but were allowed to go home on Monday, according to KCCI.


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