Weird Iowa: Charges Filed in Slipknot Bassist's Death, Dairy Queen Meltdown, Democrats' Youngest Delegate

And, a man ditching shorts full of items reported stolen -- while he was running from police.

Driving while under the influence is never a good idea, but doing it with a car full of drugs is definitely bad.

And throwing a beer can out the window while driving under the influence with a car full of drugs is worse,  discovered when police stopped him for erratic driving. He faces a charge of operating while intoxicated and a number of felony drug charges.

can bring the police to your door. A customer who bought a peanut buster parfait at a West Des Moines Dairy Queen returned two and one-half hours later to demand his money back and a new dessert saying the treat -- which he had eaten half of -- was too salty. When an employee declined, the man reportedly threw the ice cream at the clerk, also spraying customers with ice cream.

An Ankeny youth was too honest when trying to break the law. A teenage male who tried to buy liquor at Casey's General Store, 2905 W. First St., was turned down because he was underage. The youth then told the clerk .

In a weird and unexpected twist, charges were filed this week in the , who died in 2010 of an accidental drug overdose at an Urbandale hotel. Polk County authorities charged Dr. Daniel Baldi with eight counts of involuntary manslaughter in connection with the deaths of several patients, including Gray. Investigators believe Baldi's prescription of highly addictive and dangerous pain medication contributed to the deaths.

And, it wouldn't be a weird Iowa without an Iowa City crime to share. Cole after he was allegedly caught in the act of stealing from cars parked along Oakcrest Street. He reportedly fled from police and during the course of the chase Huisenga allegedly removed his shorts. These shorts were later found with multiple stolen items in them, police said.

Here's an item that has nothing to do with breaking the law -- weird in itself. Seventeen-year-old Sam Gray of Marion was the . What's so weird about that? He says he may go into politics one day, despite the current discord. "If I knew that I could make a positive difference in an elected position, I would run," he said.

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