Weird Iowa Rewind: Chocolate Eaters Wanted, SpongeBob Goes Missing, 'Crazy Kids' and Dirty, Dirty Dancing

The best of the best weird Iowa news — one more time.

Editor's Note: Everyone could use a little weird to break up the monotony of the work week, so in case you missed our weekend recap of all the best "weird" news from across Iowa Patches, here's your second chance.

This is not only weird, it may be a divine gift from above.

University of Iowa is conducting a study in Iowa City that requires the participation of some able-bodied chocolate eaters. That will be tough. I don't know that I've ever met anyone that likes to eat chocolate - NOT.

Now this is just weird.

SpongeBob SquarePants, the loveable or at least entertaining yellow cartoon character, has made his way into a $200-million federal fraud case here in Cedar Falls. Actually, SpongeBob's name has surfaced because no one can find him -- well, $20,000 worth of coins depicting him.

Sometimes kids try to act like adults and other times adults act like kids.

In Ankeny, we find a case of the latter. Police officers received a report of "kids running around, yelling/screaming, causing problems, being crazy." Turns out it was adults celebrating the Ankeny High School football win. Go Hawks!!

Most people are warned as kids about using 911 only for emergencies. One West Des Moines man apparently thought getting his roommate evicted was an emergency. He called 911 seven times in an hour and 15 minutes late Tuesday night.

Unfortunately for him, the West Des Moines Police Department did not see it the same way.

Finally, here's a story for the ages.

Every community has likely debated the boundaries of dancing amongst its teens at some point in the last dozen decades. Everybody remember Footloose? I love that movie.

Now it's Marion's turn. A provocative homecoming dance last year got the ball rolling to draft a new (and explicit) code of conduct for dances at Linn-Mar High School that ban grinding and simulating sex acts.

The new rules go into fairly graphic detail about what is not allowed.

Weird Rewind:

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